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Bashoor land management llc

Montana’s trusted resource for responsible land management.

Whether you own 5 or 5,000 acres. A little work now can cultivate your natural resources for the long term.

our focus

Integrating Montanan's values in every tract of land.
Forest and watershed restoration

Montana is famous for it’s vast forests and pristine waters. Landowners and communities, wildlife, recreation and tourism, and local businesses all rely on this. Cultivating resources within forests and watersheds is essential to sustainability and a vibrant local economy.


Wildland Urban Interface is a buzz word in the age of increasing wildfire intensity. We can work with you to create both a healthy and defensible property. This also makes firefighters more apt to defend your values.


Past management and unnaturally intense wildfires have altered forest types or totally destroyed the potential for a forest to naturally regenerate. This can be addressed through planting native grasses and naturally desired tree species.

Resource Economics

We emphasize marketing disposed resources from projects into local industries. This not only stimulates the economy but it ensures that there is the absolute minimum amount of waste involved in your project. Our expertise in forest economics coupled with our influence in industry sectors creates opportunities to sell products in the tightest of markets.

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