Natural resource restoration through active forest management.


Bashoor Land Management’s passion is in helping you create a healthy and sustainable relationship with your land. With our expertise, influence in the industry, and plethora of contractors, we are the link you need to fund and achieve your properties goals.

Wildfire assesment

Wildland Urban Interface is a buzz word in the age of growing wildfire threat. We can work with you to create both a healthy and defensible property. This also makes firefighters more apt to defend your values.

Fuel treatments

Let our experts determine the best treatment and prescription for your site specific area. Whether it be pre-commercial thinning, fuel breaks, logging, or prescribed burning, we will ensure you and your property are set up for a path to future success.


We pride ourselves in marketing resources taken from projects into local industries. This not only stimulates the economy but it ensures that there is the absolute minimum amount of waste associated with your project. Our expertise in forest economics coupled with our influence in industry sectors creates opportunities to utilize resources in the tightest of markets.

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About us

Bashoor Land Management's goals and objectives are to improve Montana's land in the best interest of its owners and managers. Sustaining Montanans' livelihoods through modern methods of restoration guided by local experience and knowledge.

  • Forestry Consulting

    From forest health analysis and stand inventory, to project overlaying and funding, let our experienced foresters be your guide to a hassle-free project and future success of your forests. Ensuring that you can carry-on with your daily commitments.

  • Rangeland Management

    At Bashoor Land Management we believe that no tract of land is without use. From comprehensive management methods on a large scale, to simple small scale improvements, we can administer treatment for any piece of land.

  • Mechanical Fuels reduction

    After decades of fire suppression, forests have been left to overgrow to the point where certain species are being strangled and suppressed. A healthy prescription to your specific sites can restore the ecology of your forest , vastly improving health and safety, and bringing back terrestrial creatures we love so much!

  • Grant and fund consolidation

    Having difficulty funding a project? Bashoor Land Management's expertise in forest economics and connections with local programs has provided many landowners with not only work at no personal expense, but often with extra money back in THEIR pockets.

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Having curiosity or need for work but don't know how to pay for it? Bashoor Land Management specializes in consolidating grants and special markets to compensate for financial difficulty. Let our expertise and plethora of connections set you and your property on the path to success!
Apprehensive about heavy equipment? Nervous about the impact to your property? Bashoor Land Management takes pride in the ability to complete projects with a minimal impact to the land.