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Bashoor land management llc

Montana’s trusted resource for responsible forest management.

Whether you own 5 or 5,000 acres. There is  a specialized need for your property, we will help you find the right fit.

our focus

Integrating Montanan's values in every tract of land.
Landscape restoration

Montana is famous for it’s vast forests and pristine waters. Landowners and communities, wildlife, recreation and tourism, and local businesses all rely on this. Cultivating resources within forests and watersheds is essential to sustainability and a vibrant local economy.


Wildland Urban Interface is a buzz word in the age of increasing wildfire intensity. We can work with you to create both a healthy and defensible property. This also makes firefighters more apt to defend your values.

Community Partnerships

Whether you are a sole member or a business owner in a community; small or large, natural resources in Montana have a tremendous impact to economy, public health, and way of life. We excel at creating new and non-traditional partnerships between community members, organizations, and natural resources.

Workforce Development

Many industries are facing crisis in obtaining and retaining workforce. Natural resources comprise an industry that will never disappear and on the contrary is ever growing in the need for more involvement and creative thinking. We work with industry and community partners to develop programs that attract a new and diverse workforce.

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