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April 2, 2019

Project Clean Water

Photo Credit: Tommy Martino, Missoulian

In 2019, Bashoor Land Management launched “Project Clean Water”, a campaign based out of Missoula, MT that relies on donations from local businesses to local non-profits that funnel money to Missoula oriented and natural resource based projects proposed by conservation organizations. Businesses can expect a return on investment in the form of advertisement, non-traditional partnerships, and retainment of Missoula’s annual $300 Million income from non-resident travelers/spending.

The campaign has a focus on creating a better quality of life in Missoula by addressing natural resources role in public health, education, and ecologic/economic sustainability.

In order for a project to qualify, it must be within a scope of work that local businesses would like to see done and must show long term benefits to Missoula’s airshed and/or watershed. Examples are river clean-up efforts, watershed restoration projects, and hazardous fuels reduction/restoration in City/County priority areas.

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Clean Water Prospectus

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