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Describing Missoula’s Wildland Urban Interface Challenges – A landowner’s guide to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan

A little work now can cultivate the value of your property and resources while helping to mitigate your unique fire risk. Our main goal in sending you this letter is to offer some steps that we can take together towards creating a healthy and sustainable relationship with your land.
Why We Contacted You
As you may or may not be aware Missoula County adopted a new Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) as of Feb. 2018.
The entire CWPP can be viewed at:
The Community Wildfire Protection Plan was created through contributing efforts between the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management, the Board of County Commissioners, local fire departments, local land management agencies, and many other participating agencies and community members. The intent of the plan is to identify local wildfire risk, what is at risk, and actions the community must take to address its wildfire risk. The end goal being to create a “fire-adapted community”.
This plan identifies high priority areas of necessary fuel treatments for fire mitigation in Missoula County. You are being contacted because you reside in, or own property, in a high risk or high priority area. In this packet you will find maps from the CWPP of these areas.
Bashoor Land Management acts as the Chair of the Forest Resources Committee that advises the Missoula Chamber of Commerce on actions/edits and implementation of the CWPP. We strengthen collaboration between multiple land management agencies, non-profits, and private industries to ensure ampliable relationships between healthy forests , a vibrant community, and a thriving local economy. These efforts have resulted in opportunities for local organizations to consolidate funds to rehabilitate multiple tracts of land both large and small that are influential to the community of Missoula. This collaboration has also resulted in saving thousands of dollars in taxpayer money.
Moving forward, we want to reach out and help landowners like yourself on a personal level.

What can Bashoor Land Management do for you?
Bashoor Land Management is a Montana based company that specializes in forestry consulting and wildfire hazard assessments. The company was founded by wildland firefighters with nearly a decade of experience in the field. Our professional experience is supplemented by education from the University of Montana.
With this knowledge we can explore options of restoring your land back to a safe and sufficient state. Also, we can work with you to create defensible space around the values on your property or we can suggest actions to rid your land of insect infestation and disease. Our staff has the ability to accurately inventory your land, and develop management plans with property specific maps. We can prep your project by marking trees/boundaries, identifying values, and ensuring you and your contractor understand state laws and requirements associated with this work. We can recommend to you the best and most efficient methods and equipment for the job and provide you with a list of local recommended contractors for you to match your property with who you want working on it. We can also assist you in writing a contract tailored for you and your project for whoever is involved in it. Coupling your objectives with our professional advising, we can tailor the ideal plan for you and your property.
Through our experience in wildland fire, we can tell you that taking the time to create defensible space will give your property a fighting chance in the event of a wildfire. If a landowner has taken the steps to ensure their land is adequately mitigated, then firefighters will be more likely to devote efforts in defending a property.
We understand times are hard, and funding professional labor may seem out of the question. We specialize in helping you consolidate costs with grant assistance and utilizing commercial values of resources associated with your project. Also, the work that you do is often tax deductible.
Creating a fire-adapted community hinges on each of us independently working toward a greater good.

Bashoor Land Management

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